Michael Savage warns Trump: Don’t throw out 100 years of environmental protections when reforming the EPA

The Left-wing media likes to pigeonhole people into convenient categories, but such designations often turn out to be overly simplified or downright wrong. Case in point? Michael Savage, usually described as a “far right” or “conservative” radio host.

Michael Savage is a trained epidemiologist and a very accomplished scientist, naturalist and investigator of the natural world. He’s written books about medicinal herbs valued by Native American communities, and he’s made significant contributions of knowledge and specimens to several museums. Now, he’s even warning Trump not to jettison the century of progress we’ve made in protecting the natural ecosystem from toxic pollution, heavy metals, dangerous pesticides and other synthetic chemicals.

“Not all environmental regulations are communist,” Savage writes in his newest book Trump’s War – his Battle for America. As it turns out, Michael Savage is what you might even call an “environmentalist” … although he prefers the term “conservationist” and makes a clear distinction between the two.

In his book, Savage explains why he fights to help protect the environment — a value I share with him — while simultaneously recognizing that the EPA has become a corrupt anti-science organization that’s bringing great harm to our world. In reforming the EPA (or gutting it and starting over), President Trump must be careful not to backtrack on the many decades of environmental rules that really do help protect our air and water from corporate polluters. (The soil has remained heavily polluted with the endorsement of the EPA, however, which openly advocates the nationwide pollution of soils with toxic industrial waste and human waste… it’s called “Biosludge.”)

Here’s what Michael Savage has to say about protecting the environment while simultaneously reforming the EPA. It’s all from his book “Trump’s War,” available now in bookstores everywhere. It’s a great read that touches on science, the NIH, the CDC and more. Although I don’t agree with Savage on everything in his book, I recommend it as a great read regardless of your political beliefs.

Excerpted from Trump’s War by Michael Savage

I read a heartbreaking story a few months back. It was about thousands of snow geese dying when they landed on a toxic, open pit mine while trying to escape a snowstorm in Montana. Twenty-seven years of copper mining had laced the pit with arsenic, iron, zinc, and sulfuric acid. This was a mine that had been closed for more than thirty years, becoming a Superfund cleanup site soon after it closed.

Ten thousand geese landed in this poisoned pond of toxic waste and many of them died. They died because we have criminals in the business world who have created hazardous waste and neglected to clean up after themselves. This is why we need very strong environmental laws.

I realize Trump has appointed a leading critic of the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma attorney Scott Pruitt, to lead the agency. That’s a very good thing because the EPA has to be brought under control. However, I will stand vigil at my microphone every day on The Savage Nation warning America against going back seventy years and erasing all the environmental laws. We’d be committing a crime against the earth and against our animal friends.

We cannot go backward in order to go forward. I agree the EPA shouldn’t even exist, but we cannot let for-profit businesses have free rein over the air, water, and land, with no controls on how they use or abuse them. For those dogmatic conservatives who disagree, I’ll remind them there was a time when pollution was so bad rivers actually caught on fire. There are still places in the world where it happens. The smog in Los Angeles was so bad in the 1960s that you couldn’t see the mountains.

When it was found that the eggs of eagles were being destroyed by DDT, because the shells were too thin to support the gestation and birth of the bird, DDT was banned.

If you don’t understand that you are the eagle, you understand nothing. Within the ecological chain of life, we are the eagle. It was only by understanding the eagle was going to die that we were going to die next. Where do you think the cancer epidemic is coming from? It’s coming from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink, which are all filled with toxins.

Creating an unconstitutional agency may not have been the answer, but something had to be done. And let’s not forget the EPA was created by a Republican.

We must take care of our animal friends and not poison them. We must not go back to turning our bays into sludge and our rivers and streams into flammable hazardous waste dumps. We must not go back to turning our air into soot-filled landscapes. We must not rape our forests. I am very much like Teddy Roosevelt in that regard.

We must be very careful because we have a polar opposite of Obama in the executive branch in many ways. We have people coming into very high positions who are the opposite of the so-called progressives Obama appointed. For the most part, that’s a good thing.

I see Trump as very much a fiscal conservative and a security conservative. His appointments for national security and the departments of State, Health and Human Services, and Defense are all very good people. But we have to be very careful we don’t eliminate laws and regulations that protect our little friends with wings, fins, and fur from the rapacious vermin who would kill them all off for a dollar’s profit.

When it comes to most of the policies we’ve suffered under for the past eight years, including social policies, we need to do a complete 180. But in terms of environmental policy, we must be careful we do not go back a hundred years and make the mistakes that were made before.

Get the book to read more: Trump’s War – his Battle for America.

(Little-known fact about Michael Savage: I actually coined the phrase Trickle Down Tyranny which became the title of one of Savage’s previous books.)

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