President Trump to slash budgets of EPA, USDA and HHS … all corrupt agencies that betray America to corporate interests

More and more people are waking up to the astonishing fact that the EPA functions as an extension of the chemical pesticide industry. The USDA is an extension of the biotech herbicide and GMO industry, and the FDA is really little more than an extension of the prescription drug cartels. Far from serving the interests of the people, these agencies have become “captive agencies” which are influenced and even dominated by corporate interests.

Every dollar of taxpayer funds sent to the EPA is a dollar that’s used to destroy and pollute the environment, as the EPA has just been caught colluding with Monsanto to conceal the evidence linking glyphosate herbicide to cancer.

Similarly, every dollar of funding for the USDA is a dollar of funding that promotes GMO agriculture and toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides in the food supply. Given the extreme corruption inside the EPA, USDA, FDA and CDC, a reasonable question comes to mind among informed Americas: Why should these agencies receive any funding at all?

Why shouldn’t they just be shuttered, in other words? They do virtually nothing to hold corporations accountable, and they’ve all abandoned legitimate science long ago, now resorting to nothing more than fake science that pushes corporate profits or globalist agendas.

[An] EPA scientist said, “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.” He added, “EPA has more than enough evidence to shut down fluoridation right now,” and, “Fluoridation constitutes unlawful medical research. It is banned in most of Europe; European Union human rights legislation makes it illegal.” Most people are unaware that the FDA has never approved adding fluoride to drinking water. We have been adding this extremely toxic poison to drinking water and giving people cancer for over a half century without FDA approval.
– Never Fear Cancer Again – How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer by Raymond Francis, M.Sc.

EPA budget could be slashed by 31% … just 69% more to go!

President Trump’s new budget proposes slashing the EPA’s budget by almost 31%, while the USDA would be cut by over 20%. Health and Human Services (HHS) would see an almost 16% cut, and other smaller agencies would be subjected to smaller cuts.

These cuts to the funding of so many deeply corrupted federal agencies can only be described as “a good start.” The EPA, more than any other agency, has become a bloated, anti-science bureaucratic cabal of self-important parasites numbering almost 15,000. The entire agency is a net polluter of the environment and has turned into a rubber stamp corruption factory where its decision makers are routinely bribed by industry to betray the American people in favor of corporate profits.

If President Trump manages to slash the budget of the EPA by 31%, that means he still has 69% to go. That’s because the correct budget of the EPA should be exactly $0.

To stop our research, employees in EPA’s Office of Water, including the director of the Office of Wastewater Management, requested help from corporate executives in the biosolids business. Several weeks later, one of the executives sent the EPA officials an anonymous white paper falsely accusing me of research misconduct and criminal fraud. One of the EPA officials distributed the allegations at public meetings in Georgia while the corporate executives brought them to the attention of EPA Administrator Christie Whitman. EPA’s efforts to silence me and other scientists documenting problems with biosolids prompted science committee hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000. The hearings focused on actions taken by former EPA Administrator Carol Browner and Robert Perciasepe, who was assistant administrator of EPA’s Office of Water. Browner’s assistant administrators cut off my research funding and distributed allegations that I had violated the Hatch Act and ethics rules by writing a commentary in Nature critical of EPA’s science. My research included investigating a potential deep-sea oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
– VACCINE EPIDEMIC – How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children by Louise Kuo Habakus, M.A. and Mary Holland, J.D.

EPA functions can be easily replaced … some at zero cost to taxpayers

Many of the EPA’s claimed functions can be replaced at zero cost. For example, the EPA claims to test the national water supply for toxic heavy metals, but it does a horrible job at the task and refuses to publish the water results publicly. I will personally volunteer my ISO-accredited laboratory — — to take over the entire national municipal water supply testing from the EPA (for heavy metals only, via ICP-MS). And I’ll do it for free, in the public interest. (I’ve already published the results of over 600 water samples from across America’s cities, by the way, at our in-house science journal Natural Science Journal.)

Many other EPA functions are mired in waste and fraud and can be easily eliminated. As an accredited laboratory scientist with knowledge of the laboratory industry, I know that EPA laboratories are ridiculously wasteful in their expenditures on laboratory instruments (some of which run in the millions of dollars) and laboratory consumables. The EPA’s “science” budget — if you can even it call it science — could be slashed by 50% with no real loss in the agency’s ability to run its labs.

Even then, the agency’s “science” is so filled with corruption and fraud that slashing the EPA’s science budget to ZERO would be a net improvement for the integrity of science everywhere. After all, spending taxpayer money to product fake science in the name of corporate profits does nothing at all to help humanity.

In Jenkins’s view, EPA consultants were serving two masters- the EPA and the wood treatment industry. Under these conditions, consultants covered up the discovery of dioxins in the wastes of Weyerhauser in Arkansas and in the emissions of the pulp and paper mills of Louisiana-Pacific and Simpson Paper in Humboldt County, California. The consultants “utilized every misrepresentation possible in favor of its lucrative industrial clients,” Jenkins wrote. In other words, under the Reagan administration, EPA consultants enriched themselves from polluters even as they helped create EPA policy protecting those polluters. It was a perfect scheme. Jenkins considered the relationship between EPA and these consultants a form of “embezzling” in which public funds paid company salaries even as they let polluters off the hook. She warned elected officials overseeing environmental policy that EPA’s corruption “can lead to tainted, less protective environmental regulations.” Indeed, Jenkins charged EPA’s regulators with granting industry a license to pollute.
– Poison Spring – The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA by E. G. Vallianatos with McKay Jenkins

The EPA is a corrupt, compromised, fake science monstrosity that needs to be scrapped

In summary, the EPA is a corrupt, bloated, fake science industry puppet engaged in the routine commission of environmental crimes. It serves no purpose whatsoever in the interests of the public good. Instead, the EPA functions as an industry puppet that furthers the greed-driven agendas of the poison chemical industries (pesticides, herbicides, industrial polluters, etc.) while the U.S. taxpayers foot the bill.

In summary, President Trump’s proposed slashing of the EPA budget by 31% is a great start … and eliminating the other 69% would be the real solution that finally ends the EPA’s deep corruption, fake science and environmental destruction.

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